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Targeted Species

What fish can be caught in the Cayman Islands? Here are a few examples:

*All pictures were taken on our charters*

Blue Marlin

Catch the most sought after game fish in the world within a stone's throw from land. This species can be effectively fished for on just a half day charter!

Cayman marlin fishing charter
Cayman Islands blue marlin fishing

Yellowfin Tuna

One of the most powerful and energetic fish in the ocean. Pictured below is the second largest ever caught in Grand Cayman, landed by Captain Jake.

Cayman yellowfin tuna fishing Jacob McTaggart
Cayman yellowfin tuna


People call them zebras of the sea, but they are really more comparable to cheetahs. Hook one and find out why.

Cayman Wahoo fishing
Captain Jacob McTaggart wahoo Cayman Islands Fishing

Dolphin/ mahi-mahi

The fish so nice, they had to name it twice! This airborne acrobat is one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean, as well as one of the tastiest. 

Jimmy and Louisa Cayman dolphin mahi fishing
Grand Cayman mahi mahi



With 2,000 feet of water being less than 2 miles away from seven mile beach, Grand Cayman is the perfect place to try your luck with these amazing deep-water creatures. Pictured below is the first swordfish ever caught on a charter in Grand Cayman! 

Cayman Swordfish fishing
Cayman Swordfishing charter

Mutton Snapper

Hands-down one of the best eating fish in the ocean, caught within the shallow and calm waters around the island.

Cayman snapper fishing
Cayman mutton snapper fishing


These ferocious predators are very abundant in the waters around the Cayman Islands. They can strip line and leap out of the water when hooked on the appropriate tackle.

Cayman Islands Barracuda Fishing
Barracuda Teeth, Cayman Islands


There are few places in the world where you can catch as many bonefish as the Cayman Islands. This spunky species will give you the fight of a lifetime on light tackle. Catching double-digits on a half-day charter is not uncommon. 

Grand Cayman bonefish
Cayman Islands bonefish

Skipjack Tuna

Cayman Fishing Charters

Blackfin Tuna

Cayman Islands blackfin tuna



Cayman Islands Grouper Fishing
Tarpon Grand Cayman

African Pompano

African Pompano Grand Cayman

Many more! 

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